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I Hope Your Turkey Burns!

"This is one of those rare books that combines humor with practical information on how to deal with a divorce. Jilliana Raymond is a true survivor, and you won't believe some of the things this woman had to go through! If I ever get a divorce, this is the first book I will pick up and re-read!"
... Roberta Gale, Radio Host

I Hope Your Turkey Burns!
I Hope Your Turkey Burns

"One woman's guided tour through the wilderness of infidelity and divorce, ultimately leading to empowerment and peace. Filled with humor and advice—a "Divorce for Dummies."
... Sarita Gopal, M.D. FACOG

"Turkey nails it right on the nose. It's the do and taboo of working or not working relationships. Entertaining, educational and a must read for women and men alike."
... R. Grady, The Book Shelf

"This is a creative, humorous and profound book, perfect for women in transition."
... Claudia Sobrevila, PhD., Environmentalist World Bank