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Excerpts from Spiritual Soup

"Spiritual Soup has just been awarded Winning Finalist in general spirituality for the 2010 International Book Awards."

It is how we navigate the bends in the road that become the ingredients that comprise the adventure of life. As you are about to discover, you are a spiritual being, connected to an unlimited dimensional spiritual universe, experiencing many characteristics, absorbing multiple life dynamics.

Saturation Point:

When we are faced with challenging scenarios that build to a saturation point, we are able to adjust our thoughts and reactions and alter a proposed pending outcome. Isn't it true that when any experience or emotion becomes too intense for our comfort zones, we individually look for ways to establish the balance and comfort we are seeking? This can be identified as the saturation point. When any circumstance becomes unbearable, it reaches a toxic level. This toxicity invades our health and destabilizes our lifestyles, as we wrestle with the imbalance it is causing. The moment we realize our toxic involvement, we begin to address the necessary change. Anything out of balance and not in harmony with the emerging individual's true spiritual being will surface.

We are undergoing a period of house cleaning, or in this case thought clearing, clearing out restrictive beliefs, guilt, low self-esteem, judgment, criticism, anger or hate. This is a time when we begin to get to the root of limiting thought perceptions and fear based thinking, replacing these thought patterns with positive attitudes of change.

The Power of Belief: thoughts become things