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Excerpts from Gods Toolbox

God's Toolbox 1-800- GOD

Even if you deny the presence of an all-knowing, creative being, none of us can deny we are composed of a spiritual core. Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines "spirit" as "an animated force or that part of a human being that is associated with the feelings and mind; soul."

So why, do you ask, is it necessary to pray? When you pray or meditate you are indicating your intention to communicate with God, to invite your spiritual guardians into your life, thus giving both permission to intervene on your behalf.

Behind The Scenes

Remember the story of creation? It goes something like this; God created the heavens and earth in six days and on the seventh day he rested. That's a lot of creating, even for God, a huge task indeed. You don't suppose he needed a little help do you? While we're on the subject, I'm not even sure he would have time rest on the seventh day. Anyway, I think God called upon a lot of assistance to help with the entire creative process, just like he calls upon all of us to be an extension of his creativity and lend a helping hand when called upon. You see, we all agreed to be part of his universal tapestry, the one he's been weaving right along with us. Yes indeed, you've got your basic needle and thread adding to the magic of his gorgeous masterpiece.

How'd They Do That?

Our rational analytical thought processes often tease the skeptical mind into believing spiritual communication and intervention to be impossible. I might have agreed with you some fifteen years ago before I began experiencing phenomenal encounters. I admit I briefly doubted my own sanity until my research and experimentation uncovered the origin of my visitations. I can say unequivocally that behind our success and daily interactive network lies an invisible host of angels, spiritual instructional tutors, scientists, explorers, physicians, artists, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, all watching over you encouraging your success without receiving recognition or thanks for their intervention. They marvel at your genius, sit in the front row of your proverbial cheering section and provide you with that extra energy boost just when you're about to give up. They are all part of God's toolbox.


When any situation arises that delays your intended course, there's usually a very good reason. You'll initially be disappointed, but there's a wonderful witticism that applies here: "hind sight is 20/20."

Still doubting divine intervention? You're running behind and therefore nervous that you'll miss your flight. You arrive at the airport one hour before your flight's scheduled departure. Long lines make it obvious that you'll miss your flight. Forced to settle for the next flight you arrive an hour late to your appointment but you arrive safely. Later you discover the flight you were originally booked on had engine failure and made an emergency landing. Who do you think was responsible for your tardiness? Yep, now you're beginning to understand the mechanism.

What would peace look like? The title of the chapter is "Anything is Possible." I like to dream about a world where we could live together in peace as brothers and sisters, admiring our different faces, cultures, languages, harmoniously honoring every individual's right to worship as they please and express their individuality as designed by their culture. I visualize soldiers laying down their weapons and working together to rebuild devastated cities. If my prayer was amplified with a chorus of like-minded individuals projecting like images, I'd like to think we could all make a difference in world affairs.